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Is Stonewalling Ruining Your Relationship?

Marriage is not always easy, and it is common for couples in Michigan to go through periods of difficulty. However,…

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What Are The Types Of Custody?

If you are going to court in Michigan for child custody, it is helpful to have some idea about the…

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When Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

If you have an estate plan, then you are already a step ahead of many people. However, just creating a…

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Dividing Debts In A Michigan Divorce

Financial problems are a very common contributory factor for the breakdown of a marriage. However, many spouses who want to…

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Understanding The Benefits Of Virtual Visitation

If you are a parent who cannot easily visit your child in person, this is likely to be very upsetting…

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Child Custody Tips For Michigan Fathers

If you are a single father in Michigan, you may find it challenging to get the custody ruling that you…

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