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What Are Nesting Arrangements, and Are They Effective? 

With nearly half of marriages ending in divorce, parents are looking for ways to keep their children's lives as stable…

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Discovered Hidden Assets in Divorce? Here’s What You Can Do 

Navigating the divorce process is already a harrowing enough experience, but suspecting your spouse is hiding assets can lead to…

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What Are My Options as a Repeat DUI Offender?

For individuals navigating the complex legal landscape following repeated DUI offenses, the journey to understanding and selecting the right legal…

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What are the Consequences for Violating Probation?

Probation can feel like a second chance – but it's also a period where every decision you make matters. For…

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What Happens if You Get a DUI Under 21?

At Lucido & Manzella, P.C., we understand that receiving a DUI at a young age can be a frightening experience,…

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How Do I Modify My Child Custody Agreement? 

Facing a change in circumstances after a divorce can be a challenging and often disorienting experience, especially when a specific…

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