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When a legal concern affects your family, we understand the importance of helping you obtain a beneficial outcome. Divorce and family law concerns are complex, emotionally charged issues that will impact both you and your children for years to come. Our lawyers are committed to providing the assistance you need during this difficult time.

At Lucido & Manzella, P.C., we take the time to carefully evaluate your case, identifying the most appropriate course of action for your unique situation. Our goal is to help you reach an outcome that meets your present goals, as well as protects your interests in the long term. For over 25 years, our attorneys have been helping residents of the Detroit metro area with their family law concerns, and we can help you.

Your Fight for a Strong Post-Divorce Future

Divorce is a difficult process, no matter how amicable the split may be. When you turn to our firm, you will receive guidance from a team that genuinely cares about securing the best possible outcome for your divorce.

We help you make decisions that are beneficial for your future interests, and our attorneys will vigorously defend your interests either in the courtroom or around the negotiating table. Our experience, knowledge of the law, and commitment to client results can benefit you as we help you address the following matters:

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Starting with a complete evaluation of your case, we strive to identify your options and the most appropriate course of action for you. We are here to guide you through the divorce process while striving to preserve your parental rights and keep your financial security intact.

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