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Unique Shared Custody Agreements

When both parents are separated and have legal shared custody of their children, it’s crucial to create a custody agreement with the children’s best interest in mind. Further, it should be agreed upon and carried out by both parents. Creating a custody agreement can be complex and stir up conflict in the case of disagreements. In such instances, a court of law may attempt to make a custody agreement for your family. However, these might not benefit all parties involved. If you’re having difficulty creating a fair shared custody agreement for your family, consider learning about other unique shared custody agreements. Various arrangements can be compiled if they have the child’s best interest at heart. 

Daytime Visits

A daytime visit agreement allows the child to develop relationships with both parents due to frequent daily contact. This also offers both predictability and breaks for the parents. This method does involve a substantial number of exchanges which may not be beneficial for all parents and families. Examples of daytime visit agreements include three to five hours a week every other day, four to six hours twice per week, or a mix of three-to-five-hour periods twice a week, followed by one longer eight-hour period. 

Daytime and Non-Consecutive Overnights

This type of visitation schedule involves frequent, short periods with each parent. Depending on the age of the child, this may cause difficulty in their school day. Examples of this schedule include four-to-eight-hour periods twice per week and one overnight, or two non-consecutive overnights per week and two three-to-six-hour periods. 

Weekdays and Consecutive Overnights

For both frequent contact with each parent and a predictable schedule, consecutive overnight periods may be beneficial. This may look like two overnights per week with one three-to-six-hour period or a midweek three-to-six-hour period and alternating weekend overnights. Other variations of this schedule can also be made, such as a midweek evening and alternating long weekend or four consecutive overnights for one long weekend and one single weeknight the following week. 

Rotating Parenting Time

A rotating parenting schedule allows splitting time into larger chunks so that children can have longer blocks to bond with each parent. These schedules may cause you and your child’s weeks to feel broken up, and consistency from week to week may not be identical. For example, a two-on and two-off schedule, split week schedules of four days on and three days off rotating biweekly, and split weeks with alternating weekends may be functional for your situation.

Work with a Child Custody Lawyer

If you are finding it difficult to cooperatively create a shared custody agreement, it may be best to reach out for help. Experienced custody lawyers like those at Lucido & Manzella, P.C., can walk you through the creation of a custody agreement and fight for what’s best for your family in a court of law if necessary. To schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable attorney, contact Lucido & Manzella, P.C., today. 

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