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Compensation For Back Injury

Injuries to the bones of the spinal column and its many associated supporting muscles (discs, tendons and other structures) are among the most common – and most debilitating injuries – afflicting Americans today.

Indeed, few people can say they have never suffered through a bout of back pain. While not all back pain results from such injuries, they do represent a leading cause.

Back and spine injuries can happen in many ways. Often, they are the result of using your back muscles in a way that’s unusual for you, such as lifting something heavy. A fall or sudden twist as you slip on an icy sidewalk can also be to blame. Fortunately, these type of injuries, while undoubtedly painful, don’t usually mean permanent damage and usually heal on their own in a fairly short time.

More acute back injuries may result from trauma such as a car accident, a fall or a sudden blow to the back itself or to the top of the head (for example, a headfirst dive into a too-shallow swimming pool). Acute injuries include:

  • Tearing or rupture of ligaments or muscles.
  • Torn or ruptured disc. If the tear is large enough, the disc can “rupture”, allowing the cushioning “jelly” inside to leak and press against nearby nerves.
  • Compression of nerves

The most serious back injuries are those in which one or more of the vertebrae, the individual bones that make up the spine and surround and protect the spinal cord, are fractured or dislocated. If such an injury is not treated promptly and with great care, the broken or dislocated bone can damage the spinal cord and result in permanent paralysis.

If you have suffered a serious back or spine injury as the result of an accident and you believe someone else was at fault, you may be wondering if you can recover money damages to help pay medical expenses, cover lost wages or compensate you for your pain and suffering. To find out, you’ll need to speak to a personal injury lawyer with both a knowledge of the applicable law, but also a working knowledge of medicine as it relates to these injuries and an understanding of the financial impact that a serious back injury can cause.

The attorneys at Lucido & Manzella have these skills and knowledge, and have successfully helped many Macomb County residents obtain compensation for back and spine injuries caused by the careless actions of others. Call us today at (586) 842-0198.