Brad W.


Top notch counsel!!!

Anthony B.


Mr. Manzella is a true professional. If your legal needs are in his area of expertise, I would highly recommend you at least consider his services.

Brian W.


Vince and his team are super detailed, friendly and you will be represented in the best way. Highly recommended.

Tiffany L.


I’ve been a client for over ten years. Vince is fantastic, as well as Kim and Jenna! I would not handle my legal matters anywhere else.

Mike W.


Vince was an absolute god send! He helped me thru a very rough patch in my life and without his knowledge and expertise I don’t know that I would have had such a positive outcome. I would and will recommend him and his firm to everyone that I come across in the future who needs representation in Macomb Co. Thank you Vince and Bianca. You were both wonderful to work with and I can’t thank you enough!

Kristen W.


I had the absolute pleasure of being represented by Vince Manzella in a custody case. To say he got the job done is an understatement. He is extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge in the Macomb County court system. He was always available if I had any concerns or questions. His secretary Donna was extremely pleasant and always very punctual with responses.
Vince got me more than I ever could have expected, and never let me give up on fighting. The outcome is more than I ever would have thought possible! I would recommend this law firm a million times. Thank you, Vince and team!

Michelle M.


Amazing lawyers and friendly receptionist too! Everyone at this firm is awesome. Very strong and professional. I was facing my 5th felony and bound to be on my 4th habitual. Considering all that made me super nervous but the lawyer Kim was very kind and patient with me. She talked me through everything and pretty much assured me that the judge would not revoke my bond as long as I kept doing what the courts asked me to do. Then on sentencing day the lawyer, Vincent came in and spoke on my behalf….omg he was great! He put into words things I never could. Brought to light the many battles I’ve had to overcome and yet still fighting addiction strong. The judge was able to see me as a person ….not another case. They dropped it to a minor 4yr felony (complete 2yrs probation) and they actually dropped the 4th habitual! That like never happens! Thank you so much Lucido and Manzella law offices! If I had chosen any other law firm id be looking at a completely different sentencing with mandatory jail time. I’m sure of that.
Michelle Myslakowski

Betty H.


I would like to thank Vince for representing me for my case. He did an excellent job, and I will recommend him and his firm to anyone.

Scott T.


Angelo, Jenna, Vince, and Kimberly were all there for me. They are amazing people, and I strongly refer everyone I know to go here for any of their legal needs

Matt M.


We needed a lawyer to assist with my son’s traffic violation, and working with Vince Manzella was an amazing experience. His entire team displayed professionalism and excellent communication. Highly recommend Lucido & Manzella!

Sarah T.


Very supportive, and very confident in himself and his ability to represent me was outstanding. I would say Manzella is very intelligent and motivated to help others.

John F.


I had the absolute pleasure of hiring Angelo D’Onofrio. A complete professional in every way. So calm, so caring. He helped me through a tough time. My life was pretty much on the line. I will tell you one thing. It was the best money I ever spent. Without a doubt. Thank you Angelo. When you walk into this law firm, the first person I would be asking for is Angelo. He’s everything you want in a lawyer. Hands down. He kept my family whole. He provided me the opportunity to keep on being the man that I am. I will be forever grateful to Angelo. I also have to say, the whole team was awesome. I loved the front desk guy.



Gave great legal advice. The fact that he even listened to me and didn’t take advantage of my situation just details how efficient they are! If I ever need an attorney, I’ll definitely be calling.

Alexander F.


Would recommend to anybody.

Lorraine T.


Very good attorney

Nicholas B.


Such an awesome Attorney!

Larry Z.


Very Helpful, no charge for consultation, since they originally wrote well!

James B.


Efficient and timely service. Very helpful staff.

Suzanne V.


Amazing firm!

Drew S.


Vince and his Team are highly recommended. Good communication and availability to answer my questions and ease my concerns from moment one. Not only did he have good communication, he was able to get me a result that was fair and I felt I deserved. Hope I never need an attorney again, but I do know who I’ll call if I do!

Harley G.


Excellent Lawyer!! If you need a criminal Lawyer get him!!!

Melissa K.


Mr. Manzella is very informative and put us in touch with the right person to help.

Eileen A.


The service is excellent, the personnel are stellar. Can’t say enough, would recommend them to everyone that needs their services.

Zaid N.


Vince Manzella and the whole staff of Lucido & Manzella are the best in the business helped me in many transactions, I would recommend them anytime

Michael P.


Vince Manzella and his team are excellent and work hard with your best interests in mind.

Vincent S.


The service provided by Mr. Manzella is top notch. He is quick to respond to emails, phone calls, and any matters that were related to my case. Anytime I needed something or requested information I would receive a reply within 24 hours. I have used many law firms before and it was a pain always chasing them down for answers. When Mr. Manzella takes you on a client he really gives you great service which is really hard to find these days. He gave me great advice related to my case and I won!! I will be recommending his law firm to all my family and friends. Thank you Mr. Manzella!!

Chris D.


Vince and his team are the best in the game. Super kind, knowledgeable, and very attentive. These are true professionals!

Brian L.


I would highly recommend Vince Manzella and staff. They get the job done.

Sabri S.


Vince and the other attorneys and that law firm in my opinion are the best and Michigan by far I have used them multiple times and have gotten positive results and I have recommended them to friends and family and they also have gotten positive results. They treat you like family they take care of you till the end you will love the work they do for you.

Bethany W.


If you have a very difficult person you are trying to negotiate with, you need Vince Manzella. He remains calm in the midst of absolute bull, but is resolute in his representation of his client! I am grateful to have had the privilege of Vince handling my negotiations.

Jessica S.


I reached out to Vince during the most trying time of my life when it came to Family court and custody matters. Vince was always there when I needed answers regarding my case. I hired Vince because during the first 10 minutes of our consult I knew he was the best, and my family deserved the very best to get through this difficult case. Vince stepped in near the end of my case and worked diligently to gather everything we needed to win our case. Thank you Vince & Donna for always being a phone call away.

Mish S.


My only choice for any issues. Vince came highly recommended. From my wife’s custody battle to my driver’s license restoration Vince was there ready to prove the facts and fight in my defense. Results are priceless. Hiring them to be on my side…was worth it to sleep resting assured I was in good hands.

Sarah N.


Vince and his assistant, Donna, are such a great team. I feel heard, and that is #1, in my opinion. We are just starting in this process, but every interaction has left me feeling confident.

Olivia H.

Vince is an amazing attorney and such a great person overall. Quick response and help. Will definitely use him in the future if necessary! Highly recommend.

Savanah S.


We seriously could not of asked for a better attorney. Our prior attorney dropped us due to our case being too much, (custody with one parent moving long distance), she did although refer us to Vince. We got a SAME DAY consult with zero hesitation from Vince to take us on. Donna was our main point of contact through Vince. So many ups and downs happened in the last year and Donna & Vince stayed consistent and helped us through everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better pair to help us through this. We also came out with the WIN and Vince is STILL helping us navigate through properly. I cannot recommend Lucido and Manzella enough.

Kristine H.


My mom had a very difficult case and was stressed out to the max! A colleague recommended Vince Manzella and they were in touch very fast. He was well prepared and worked diligently to win the case. Vince and his staff were very professional and always responsive in a quick manner. My family would highly recommend Lucido & Manzella P.C.

Mark B.


I should have left this for Vince way back in 2007. He is a fantastic lawyer and friend to my family. He saved my life and we are so grateful for his hard work and dedication. I 100% recommend his services. Tell him Mark Belkowski sent you! ??

James S.


Vince is an excellent attorney that helped me navigate through a difficult divorce and custody battle. I still retain Vince as my lawyer today. Vince doesn’t give you the answer you want to hear, he gives you the answer that you need to hear. Vince is a man of principle and has values. However, ultimately it was his understanding of the law and how to navigate the judicial system that got me a favorable outcome that’s in the best interest of my children.

D. R.


Vince is the absolute best attorney around! I made a terrible mistake and needed someone on my side to help me out of that situation. There was no judgment just a lot of help guiding me through the process and fighting for me. I am so glad I went with this firm!

Cynthia C.


Vincent Manzella and his team go beyond their duty.

Thana T.

I am so lucky I was referred to Vince. He helped me keep a PPO in place. The situation was very stressful and scary for me, but I always felt comfortable and confident with him representing me. I will definitely refer him to other in the future. I wish I would have had him for my actual divorce. He is EXCELLENT.

Tonya S.


I highly recommend this Attorney’s office!! Kimberly DiBartolomeo is the best!!! Her assistant Mary as well.

Monique W.

“Angelo took great care of my husband and I would recommend this office to anyone in need of attorney closed our case almost immediately. Great staff.”

Steve B.

“Absolutely the best Law Firm you can retain in Macomb County! Highly recommend them, absolutely stellar reputation and reasonable fees!”

Jonathan W.

“We use Lucido & Manzella for Business and Personal. Always quick to respond and they get the job done!”

Erik K.

“I’ve utilized services on several occasions. Helpful in helping me understand aspects of the situation I wouldn’t have understood on my own. A far more personal experience than I’ve experienced in the past with other firms. Beyond pleased with every outcome each time. You have My highest recommendation for representation.”

Lek V.

“The best lawyers in town hands down.”



“I used Mr. Manzella for several issues with my ex over the last few years. He always knows how to handle the issues so that I get the results I deserve.”



“Vince Manzella and his firm have represented me for several years with extensive family/probate court issues. Vince is aggressive, professional and on point at all times. He stands out as one of the hardest working and involved lawyers I have ever retained and I can truly say, I will never go anywhere else for legal service. I trust this firm fully as they have proven time after time that they got my back and won’t ever let me or my family down. Also, I need to mention, the staff in this office is exceptional!”



“I needed to find a lawyer to help with my parents with their estate plan and I brought them in to see Mr. Manzella. They were able to put together a plan that really met our needs. They were very understanding of our situation as well. I really appreciated the time they took explaining things to us.”



“Mr. Manzella was great during my divorce. He got me through the hardest time in my life and did more for me than I thought was possible. His professionalism is exceptional & is matched by his confidence. The emotional support I received was invaluable. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.”



“Hired Manzella recently for some family issues and he did an amazing job working through things. He explained things through every step and never made unrealistic promises. This is the guy you want to see in Macomb County!”



“Vince is the greatest attorney I’ve ever had. He got a gun case dropped to misdemeanor!! Vince is a great listener and gets the job done. He is excellent!!! I would hire him in any case ever.”



“Vince and his firm have been my family’s attorney for over 10 years, They do a great job, When they say they will do something, they do it! And they get the job done. Very Trustworthy & have the highest of integrity! His entire staff is excellent! You won’t go wrong with using Lucido & Manzella believe me!”

Michael K.

“Vince is a great lawyer who fought for me. His office and staff went the extra mile to help with my case. Thank you Lucido & Manzella!”

Deb E.

“I was contacted the same day. Me. Lou Corey was professional and I believe he directed me in the right direction.”

Elaine S.

“Personal Injury Attorney- I called looking for an attorney to handle my injury and received feedback immediately.”

Todd K.

“When it comes to getting a law firm that you feel comfortable with, Lucido and Manzella have my trust. They were very prompt and forthright. They listen in detail to your concerns and give knowledgeable responses to your concerns. Their firm is well respected in southeastern Michigan. You will get treated with honest answers and feel very dignified by using their team.”


“Working in the legal field can be rather challenging at times. Needless to say, having a firm grasp on the law and knowing how to apply it to ones case can mean all the difference between winning your war or getting less than you deserve. Having had the pleasure of working with this firm in both a personal and professional capacity, I would have to say that this firm goes out of its way to accommodate its clients no matter how great or small the issue may be. Whatever situation you might be facing, I would advise you to take it seriously & seek advice from these folks. A poor choice of attorneys can lead to years of regret!. So give them a call, I think you’ll agree with me once speak with them. Hope this helps those who read this.”

Kara P.

“Very personable, got a next day appointment and they went right to work for me! Would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal services.”

Kit D.


“Excellent Attorneys!!!”

Rachael D.


“Lou and Anthony are the best!”

Louis P.


“Really good lawyers.”

John C.


“I was treated like family, they take care of business, and they don’t overcharge. A+”

Jane R.


“This law firm helped me through a very difficult situation involving my son. Vince Manzella is a top-notch attorney.”



If your looking for a true gladiator in the courtroom to fight for you.. Then look no further than Vince Manzella!!!!.. This guy is the whole package!!.. He’s got the experience, education, and the aggressive stance that you need to overcome the obstacle your facing. I would not have believed it unless I saw it first hand for myself.. AT THE MINIMUM…You need to call this firm , ask for renee.. and have her set an appointment with Mr. Manzella. Seeing this man may be the only thing that stops you from losing your freedom or your assets… Good luck and thanks for reading my review…hope it helps.. :)”

John M.


“Lucido & Manzella Law firm is very good at what they do! Vince Manzella represented us and did a fantastic job. I would recommend him to all my friends and family members.”

Ray T.


“Honest attorney”

Kurt H.


“When I asked around I was referred to Vince Manzella. My friend told me he was the best around and after I saw him in court I couldn’t agree more.”

Dean B.


“Mr. Manzella took on a hard-to-win case for me and prevailed, his professionalism and expertise are superb!”



“When I received a speeding ticket, I knew I had to call Vincenzo Manzella. Within days, the speeding ticket was taken care of with no points to my insurance! Mr. Manzella was professional, honest, and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal services.”

Robert H.


“Great people who work hard for you.”

Domenica B.


“I have used the firm for landlord-tenant issues and have always had great results! Very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Robert R.


“When your life is being compromised. Compromise elsewhere, Retaining Lucido and Manzella P.C.brings you INTEGRITY, HONESTY, RELIABILITY. AS I SAY “WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO”, RETAIN LUCIDO AND MANZELLA P.C.”

Sean C.


“Top-notch trial attorneys who fight tirelessly for their client’s causes. I recommend Vince Manzella and his team for anyone facing a difficult divorce or criminal prosecution. You won’t be disappointed.”



“Vince and his team are wonderful. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and will treat you like family.”

Janice E.


“I want to express my appreciation for the integrity, sincerity and courtesy of this firm. I was treated like a “human being” from beginning to end and I am so thankful for that. I would recommend anyone who needs an attorney in their corner so to speak to Lucido & Manzella because they are certified, bonafide and indubitably qualified to help you with your legal needs just like they helped me.”

Mark A.


“I have been a client here for over 10 years and will continue to be a client in the future. Mr. Manzella is all about helping the client rather than making money. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes with him and you can see that he is genuine. It takes time to find good honest attorneys and can be extremely costly when doing so. I highly recommend this firm for anyone looking. You will not be disappointed.”

Dominic S.


“Vince was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I was very satisfied with how he helped me and would recommend him to anyone. I will definitely go back if needed!”

Dan G.


“Went back to see Vince about a custody situation with my ex. He went above and beyond again. He did a great job with explaining the process to me. While we were in court it was obvious he knew what he was doing by our end result. I was so glad I had him by my side.”

Hugh C.


“The prosecutor had my file red marked and wouldn’t cut a deal! Vince and his team not only got me a deal, I received just probation! Vince is second to none!”

Laura S.


“After being ticketed, a friend told me to call Vince Manzella to help me with my court case. I was very happy with the results, a really bad situation is now going to be a distant memory that won’t be on my record. I’m very pleased with my representation and would give 11 stars if I could.”

Jessica M.


“We use Lucido and Manzella Law firm for our business and personal needs. Their staff is welcoming, helpful and most importantly knowledgeable. We appreciate all your hard work.”

Jennifer A.


“Vince is hands down the best attorney I have ever worked with. Vince was very professional and efficient. His actions in circuit court helped saved our property values from a bordering development. I highly recommend Vince Manzella!”



“Pete and Vince have always treated me like a person. Kim and Doreen are the best. I can’t describe how much these people mean to me. I am at ease every step of the way.”

Louis B.


“Great law office for Macomb MI. Always my go-to people. ?”

Nick F.


“Lucido & Manzella is a very professional law firm. I have known Pete and Vince for many years and they have always given great advice. Vince has excellent working knowledge and understanding of the law and has always been very highly respected in the legal community. I believe they are a law firm with care and compassion for all their clients.”

R. K.

“I have used the firm for my divorce. Each time I met with Vince through the process he was very helpful and understanding. Having to go through something like this was not fun but I felt a lot better knowing that I had him on my side.”

Romeo G.


“Good honest firm.”

Sally W.


“Very nice staff easy to talk to.”

Nathan L.


“Vince is one of the best lawyers in Metro Detroit. He has taken care of multiple issues for me and my family. Whether it was probate or family law or anything else for that matter he does it swiftly, professionally and correctly! Thank God for lawyers like him!”

John T.

“I highly recommend Vince he helped my son out. He was there every step of the way, kept every promise, and was honest about the situation. He answered any questions we had and ensured us the best outcome. If you’re looking for a great lawyer you don’t have to look any further. I would recommend Vince to anyone.”

Daryl D.


“Vince is a great attorney and will do his best to make sure that your legal matters are handled. I have used him and other attorneys in this firm and everyone is very
knowledgeable and takes the time to help. This firm handles all matters and treats the client with respect…would recommend them to anyone!”

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2 Codefendants Sentenced in Embezzlement Probe of Ex-Macomb Prosecutor Eric Smith

Mr. Manzella represents businessman William Weber, who admitted to falsifying an invoice at ex-Macomb prosecutor Eric Smith’s request. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner, with felony offenses dismissed during the sentencing.

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