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Common Defenses Used in Drunk Driving Cases

If you have ever been pulled over for¬†drinking and driving, you have likely been scared. After all, Michigan has serious…

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Preparing for Your Meeting With Your Criminal Defense Attorney

You have been accused of a crime and you are meeting with your criminal defense attorney for the first time.…

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Drunk Driving Charges and Potential Penalties in Michigan

Drunk driving is a serious matter in Michigan. Police officers are diligent in apprehending suspected offenders and prosecutors work overtime…

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How Does A DUI Affect Child Custody?

When a court rules on a child custody case, the best interest of the child comes first. Parents with a…

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Pleading No Contest To Felony Criminal Charges In Michigan

On behalf of Lucido & Manzella, P.C.¬†|¬†Aug 14, 2019¬†|¬†criminal defense¬†|¬†0 comments Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of…

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Your Future Is At Stake With A Conviction For OWI

Some people think that it is no big deal if law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of OWI. However,…

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