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If you have been charged with a crime – or think you soon will be – in Sterling Heights, you should consult a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. There is no offense too minor to need a lawyer. You are entitled to a lawyer to defend you, and you should get one.

Free Initial Consultation

Most criminal lawyers offer an initial free consultation that will let them advise you about your options and decide whether they are the right firm for you. The attorney will discuss your pending charges, your potential results, and possible courses of action, and how the firm might be able to help you.  Even if you ultimately decide to go it alone, that initial consultation can give you some very useful guidance. 

What Should You Look for in a Sterling Heights Criminal Lawyer

  • Reputation – You’re going to want to be sure that your attorney has a good reputation with the public and with the courts. Lawyers can develop reputations with people or the courts that will create baggage that will carry into your case. You want a lawyer with the best possible reputation, and you can find information through references, the internet, and professional organizations. 
  • Experience – Obviously, you want a lawyer who has experience in your kind of case. Criminal law is a big area. If you’re accused of drug smuggling, an attorney whose entire career has been spent defending white-collar criminals may not be the right fit for you. The lawyer and law firm should have extensive experience in Michigan courtrooms in your kind of case and should operate efficiently and speedily in them. 
  • Personality – You will have to spend some significant time with this individual, and it would be better if you didn’t have an instant personality conflict. But the choice goes beyond that. Statistics show that juries often tend to award cases based on which attorney they like the best. You want to hope yours is that attorney. You also want to look for passion and commitment. The canons of ethics require a lawyer to be a “zealous advocate.”  Make sure yours is.

Ask Questions

There are some issues you don’t want to get answers to after you’re well into the process. Ask questions like:

  • Fees – What will you charge? Is it hourly or a set fee? Do you handle criminal matters on a contingency fee? Do you require a retainer? What other costs will I have?
  • Options – What strategies are you considering? What could go wrong in my case?
  • Staffing – Will you work only with that attorney or with others on the firm’s staff? Will the attorney be responsive to questions? Do you always need an appointment?
  • Education & Experience – Where did the attorney go to school? How long has the attorney practiced? Where? Does the firm have a lot of experience with cases like yours? 

Choosing Your Sterling Heights Criminal Lawyer

You want the best criminal lawyer you can get. The best lawyer for you will have extensive experience with criminal defense in Michigan and be able to work with you on a committed and professional basis. Contact your Sterling Heights criminal lawyer today!

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