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All drivers know that drinking and driving is against the law, but sometimes poor judgment and bad situations cause them to do it anyway. Or maybe they are really not drunk but a police officer says otherwise,

Operating while under the influence of alcohol (OWI) is a serious crime in Michigan. Even a first offense will get you up to 93 days in jail, a fine of up to $500, and up to 360 hours of community service. On top of that, you could get your vehicle immobilized and forfeited for up to six months. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above 0.17 or you have a passenger under age 16 in the vehicle at the time, the penalties are even harsher. 

If you have been accused of an OWI, there is a lot at stake. The Macomb County drunk driving lawyers from Lucido & Manzella, P.C. can help defend your case and get you the best outcome possible.

Common Defenses

If you have been pulled over and accused of an OWI, there are several ways to defend your case. Your lawyer may consider one of the following:

  • Reason for being pulled over. The police officer must have had a legitimate reason for pulling over. For example, were you driving erratically? Did you commit a traffic offense, such as running a red light? If not, then it is possible that your OWI charge could be dismissed.
  • Poorly maintained or calibrated Breathalyzer. A Breathalyzer is a machine used to measure breath and blood alcohol levels. They are very sensitive and may not be accurate if the police officer does not know how to properly use it. Also, these machines have to be calibrated on a regular basis in order to maintain accuracy. If you can prove the Breathalyzer was poorly calibrated or maintained, then your case may get dismissed.
  • Other possible explanations for impairment. Carbonated sodas and drinks such as champagne can pass through the stomach quickly and cause a rise in BAC. Even some medical conditions, such as diabetes, can affect glucose levels and cause a BAC to be higher than normal. 

How a Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been accused of an OWI, you definitely need a lawyer on your side to guide you through the process and minimize the consequences. The right lawyer will ensure that your defense case is as strong as it can be. They will also help you meet all the deadlines. 

A lawyer can handle the insurance companies for you, keeping you from saying anything that could be detrimental to your case. Criminal defense lawyers also know the local courts very well. They are experienced in the criminal court, which can be advantageous for negotiating with tough prosecutors to lessen the charge or get it eliminated altogether.

Contact Our Macomb County Drunk Driving Lawyers

If you have been pulled over for drunk driving, you need to act quickly. Michigan has some of the strictest laws in the country, so you need a strong defense.

Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can help. Count on Lucido & Manzella, P.C. to aggressively defend your OWI case. To schedule a consultation, call (586) 228-3900 or fill out the online form.

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