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No matter how unhappy your marriage is, getting divorced will most likely be even worse.  And, if you have children or significant marital property, the stresses just pile on. So, if you’re looking for a Macomb County divorce lawyer, there are many things to consider before making your final choice. 

Experience & Knowledge

Is the divorce lawyer you’re thinking about retaining someone who takes every case that comes into the office or does the firm concentrate on family law? If you believe your divorce will be especially hard-fought, will the firm have the expertise required to handle issues you anticipate? Lawyers don’t specialize the way doctors do, but they do focus their practices in basic areas of the law. Divorce comes under the practice area called Family Law, and you want a firm that does that kind of law. Further, you especially want and need a Macomb County divorce lawyer who concentrates on just divorces. 


Because there are so many issues that arise during and after your divorce, you must be able to contact your attorney fairly easily and conveniently. Most of the problems that come up in any attorney-client relationship are due to miscommunication. So, it’s worth taking some time to talk with your prospective attorney.  Some other issues that may influence how easily you can communicate with your attorney include:

  • Does the firm have more than one attorney who can help you?
  • Does the firm have support staff that can handle some tasks for you?
  • Does the attorney work from home or an office?
  • Does the office, if there is one, appear professional and businesslike?
  • Does the attorney keep regular business hours or have someone answer the phones during normal business hours?

None of these answers says you should not use a particular attorney, but you want to think about them as you decide on a Macomb County divorce lawyer.


Remember, divorces do not end when they’re over. Your case will face long-term issues relating to custody, support, visitation, and relocation that may force a return to court. You will likely be dealing with this attorney until your youngest child has reached legal age, so it better be someone that you don’t mind being around. Look for your potential divorce attorney to be comfortable with you, so you can work together over the long term. 

Reputation in the System

Professionals all have a reputation, sometimes good and sometimes not. When you choose an attorney to handle your divorce, look for someone who has a stellar reputation as efficient, honest, and conscientious in court. Your divorce lawyer should have a good record with clients and with the system. Consider checking with the State Bar of Michigan and the Macomb County Bar Association. Google your attorney; you’d be amazed at what dissatisfied clients will put on the internet.

How Much Will My Macomb County Divorce Cost?

Most divorce attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. After that, you will put down a retainer, pay an hourly rate on an ongoing basis once the retainer is exhausted, and pay for expenses such as filing fees. Talk frankly to your potential divorce attorney about these issues. Consider:

  • What will the hourly or set fee be? 
  • Do I have to pay the fee monthly or when my case ends?
  • How much is my retainer? Will the attorney charge against the retainer before issuing an invoice?
  • How soon do I have to pay for everything? 
  • Will the attorney use attorney and staff time carefully to keep control of my bill? 

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No divorce is ever easy, especially if you have children or property. Whether you’ve decided it’s time, or if you’re only thinking about a divorce, consulting with an experienced Macomb County divorce attorney can help you decide. Contact us today for your free legal consultation. 

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