Understanding The Benefits Of Virtual Visitation

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Understanding The Benefits Of Virtual Visitation

If you are a parent who cannot easily visit your child in person, this is likely to be very upsetting and frustrating for you. Perhaps your work commitments mean that you are traveling constantly, you live in a different state to your child or you are unable to gain physical custody at the present moment. Whatever the reason for your difficulties visiting your child, virtual visitation arrangements can be a great benefit for both you and your child.

As communication technology has become more commonplace in our society, many states have created laws to allow virtual visitation to be ordered as part of a custody agreement. Other state courts have encouraged the use of virtual visitation as a supplement to parenting time.

What are the benefits of virtual visitation?

Virtual visitation gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your child no matter where you are. You may, for example, have a time set up to read them a bedtime story through a video call or talk to them on a regular consistent basis over the phone. This helps you and your child to form and strengthen your bond, and it could pave the way for additional physical visitation in the future.

Adding virtual visitation to your parenting plan

If you have a parenting plan in place with the other parent, you may want to request that regular phone calls or video chats be scheduled so that you can keep in touch with your child.

It is important that you are proactive in trying to formally arrange virtual visitation. Gaining structure is often beneficial for a child; therefore, it is good to try and work out a realistic schedule.

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