The 4 Most Common Divorce Triggers

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The 4 Most Common Divorce Triggers

No one envisions a divorce in their future when they are engaged or newly married. However, unfortunately, many marriages are terminated in this way. While all marriages go through difficulties, some issues are worth working through.

If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage in the state of Michigan, it is important that you take the time to reflect and consider whether you can make things work. The following are the 4 most common reasons why couples tend to call it quits.

Abuse in the relationship

No spouse should ever be subjected to abuse by their partner. All marriages should be supportive and safe; therefore, if you are suffering from physical or emotional abuse, you should seek support and remove yourself from the situation safely.


Most romantic relationships are based on a foundation of monogamy and honesty. Therefore, if a spouse has extramarital sexual relations, the marriage can be shaken to its core. Acts of infidelity can point to deeper issues in the marriage such as disconnection and a lack of intimacy.

A change in values

Relationships work when two people have mostly shared values, beliefs and future aspirations. Unfortunately, it is possible for two people to literally grow apart in their marriage, and sometimes, this shift can be unreconcilable.

Problems with addiction

Unfortunately, addiction is a big problem for many people and can lead to changes in personality and priorities. Addictions can come in many forms, from alcohol and drugs to food and gambling.

If you are struggling in your marriage, you should consider counseling sessions. It’s also a good idea to prepare for any outcome, including a possible divorce.

If you are a single father in Michigan, you may find it challenging to get the custody ruling that you want. Fathers can face many obstacles in regard to gaining custody. The first of these hurdles can be establishing paternity of the child. If the mother has not acknowledged your paternal status, you can ask the courts to order a DNA test.

While the road to having custody may be long, you are more likely to be successful with your goals by showing that you are determined to be a reliable and consistent father figure to your child. The following are some tips you can use when filing for custody.

Show that you have a plan

Before awarding custody, the courts will want to know that you have thought about every detail regarding bringing the child into your life. Make sure that you have housing with an age-appropriate space for your child. This could mean a crib in your room for an infant — or a private bedroom for an older child.

Focus on building relationships

Building a strong relationship with your child is important to focus on while filing for custody. You should also make sure that you work on being civil with the child’s mother. Show the court that you are capable of respecting the child’s bonds with other relatives.

Make important events a priority

You should show that you are dedicated to your child by showing up to important events, including parent-teacher conferences, birthday parties and the like.

If you are struggling to gain custody of your child as a Michigan father, you should make sure that you understand the law so that you can apply it to your situation.

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