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When you make the really tough choice that it is time to end your marriage, the next critical decision is choosing a  Washington Township divorce lawyer to help you through this painful life experience. You will need to think about a lot of different factors before making this choice. Here are some ideas to consider.

Look for An Experienced Washington Township Divorce Attorney

Attorneys generally don’t say that they “specialize” in a particular branch of the law. However, most lawyers do concentrate the practices in a given area of the law. You will want to look for an attorney whose firm specializes in family law, the broad legal area where divorces occur. Divorces, like marriages, are not all alike. The attorney you choose should have a wide experience in handling divorces and one who won’t balk at anything unusual arising in your case. You will face custody issues, support issues, property disputes and will want to be sure that none of these will be a challenge for your attorney. 

Local Court Relationships

Divorce cases take place in Family Court in the county in which you live. Because of this fact, you will want a lawyer who is a well-respected Washington Township divorce attorney. All litigation involves working with a complicated system that works with a lot of moving parts. Being sure that your attorney is comfortable handling all of them and knows how to connect and work with all the right offices and people will help set your mind at ease. Your lawyer’s connections within the system will make you much happier in a painful process. 

Effective Assistance of Counsel

In a similar vein, you need an attorney who is effective and efficient. Find out if this attorney has contacts to call upon if your case calls for mediation or property evaluation. You want to be sure that your prospective attorney can meet any bumps in your road to divorce quickly and as easily as possible.


Talk costs early on. You may want the Rolls Royce of divorce lawyers, but sometimes your situation – and the nature of your case – really only needs a Lincoln. Consider your needs versus the potential costs and discuss fees frankly with any attorney you’re considering retaining. You aren’t looking just for the hourly fee, however. It’s important to be comfortable that your attorney will use time wisely and thus only bill you for only for the time that matters. An experienced and concerned lawyer will know ways to cut your costs by using more junior attorneys or paralegals. They may even use you to perform leg work and document gathering to save attorney time and money. Again, it’s best to discuss these options before deciding to retain a particular attorney.


Is this someone you can work with and be around easily? Remember, you will have to work closely with your Washington Township divorce attorney throughout your divorce. But, some issues will continue to arise about things like support, custody, and parenting time that will keep you involved with this attorney for a long time.  It’s a good idea to follow your instincts if you’re not sure there’s a good match.

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