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When people drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is known as a DUI. In Washington Township and throughout the rest of Michigan, the offense is legally known as operating while intoxicated (OWI). Many people find themselves facing OWI charges, and in fact, they are some of the most common throughout the state. Some people are charged even when they are not impaired behind the wheel. Our DUI lawyer in Washington Township can prepare a defense if you have been charged and will give you the best chance of preserving your freedom.

Different DUI Charges in Washington Township

The law in Washington Township recognizes many different types of DUI charges. They include:

  • OWI: The most common type of DUI in Washington Township is OWI. Any motorist who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or greater may face OWI charges.
  • High BAC OWI: When a driver has a BAC of 0.17% or greater, they are known as super drunk and can face charges of high BAC OWI.
  • Operating while visibly impaired (OWVI): If police officers observe certain behaviors, such as speeding excessively or weaving in and out of lanes, they can charge a person with OWVI. A charge of OWVI does not require a minimum BAC.

Being charged with any of the above offenses is always scary. A DUI lawyer in Washington Township can help get your charges reduced or dismissed so your future is protected.

Potential Penalties for a DUI in Washington Township

A conviction for even a first-offense DUI will result in serious penalties. A first OWI conviction can result in the following penalties:

  • No more than 93 days in jail or 24 months of probation
  • A $500 fine
  • Six points added to the defendant’s driver’s license
  • An automatic driver’s license suspension of 30 days
  • $1,000 in a driver’s responsibility fee that must be paid for two years after conviction

The penalties for a first OWVI conviction are very similar to those above. In these cases, only four points are added to the defendant’s driver’s license, and the fine is lowered to $300. The motorist is also responsible for paying a $500 driver’s responsibility fee, although they must still pay it for two years.

The consequences one will face after a super drunk conviction are the harshest anyone could face. They include:

  • No more than 180 days in jail, 24 months of probation, or both
  • A fine between $200 and $700
  • Required enrollment and successful completion of an alcohol rehabilitation program for at least one year
  • An automatic driver’s license suspension of 45 days
  • A requirement for an ignition interlock device for 320 days
  • Six points added to the driver’s license
  • A $2,000 driver responsibility fee

At one time, it was not possible to expunge any type of OWI charge from your record. Fortunately, today you can apply to expunge a first offense but not subsequent charges.

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Being charged with a DUI does not mean you will automatically be convicted. At Lucido & Manzella, P.C., our Washington Township DUI lawyer can prepare the defense strategy you need to beat your charges. Call us now or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more.

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