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If you are charged with a crime in Macomb County, we can help. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys serving clients in Clinton Township and surrounding areas are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law and are passionate about what they do to help clients restore their lives after a serious criminal charge. Consider the following ways that a Clinton Township criminal defense attorney can help you fight back when your future is on the line.

We Help You Mitigate Charges

It is possible to have criminal charges against you dropped or reduced. While this may seem like an ideal situation, it’s not unfeasible. We help to mitigate the most serious of charges by:

  • Cooperating with the investigation;
  • Working with the prosecution to negotiate a plea deal; 
  • Having evidence gathered against you dismissed; and 
  • Presenting you as a witness rather than a defendant.

We Help You Secure the Best Outcome Possible

When avoiding charges entirely is not possible, our next step is to help you secure the best outcome possible through:

  • Highlighting mistakes made by the prosecution and police, which could provide you with leverage or result in evidence against you being withheld;
  • Negotiating for a diversionary or probationary sentence as opposed to jail time; 
  • Minimizing your probationary period; and
  • Reducing the amount of fines that you are liable for.

We Help You Win Your Case or Your Appeal

In many cases, pleading not guilty and fighting charges against you, rather than pleading guilty and accepting a deal offered by the prosecution, is the best way to pursue your case. However, winning a case can be difficult, and requires legal acumen, critical thinking skills, and a large team with plenty of resources. If you decide to defend your innocence, we help you win your case by:

  • Objecting to legal mistakes and misconduct throughout the court process;
  • Gathering evidence that supports your innocence; 
  • Challenging the prosecution to prove your guilt before a jury; 
  • Fighting back when our motions to suppress evidence are denied;
  • Ensuring that you are equipped with a large team of investigative and legal professionals; 
  • Challenging any violations of your rights under the law; 
  • Standing up to unlawful or unconstitutional sentencing; and 
  • Attacking the evidence that is used against you. 

We work on both initial criminal cases and appeals. If your original trial was declared a mistrial due to an error in proceedings or a violation of your constitutional rights, we will make sure it doesn’t happen during the appeals process. 

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The first step to protecting yourself when you are charged with a crime is to contact a Clinton Township criminal law firm that you can trust. At Lucido & Manzella P.C., we have been helping clients like you for more than 20 years. If you are ready to take the first steps towards securing a better future, call us today. You can also use our online form to request free information. 

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