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Make Sure You Understand Your Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is an essential part of providing for your family after you pass away. Some aspects of…

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Can You Be Denied A Divorce?

Breakups are seldom mutual ‚ÄĒ even for married couples. If your spouse is against getting divorced, you may wonder how…

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You Have Options If You Can’t Pay Your Car Loan

When money gets tight, you may find you are unable to pay all your bills each month. For some, you…

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How Does A DUI Affect Child Custody?

When a court rules on a child custody case, the best interest of the child comes first. Parents with a…

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Pleading No Contest To Felony Criminal Charges In Michigan

On behalf of Lucido & Manzella, P.C.¬†|¬†Aug 14, 2019¬†|¬†criminal defense¬†|¬†0 comments Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of…

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How Can You Spot Domestic Violence In Your Community?

Occasionally when Michigan couples or families disagree at home, it can result in an intense argument that may escalate to…

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