Getting a divorce can be challenging, whether someone is approaching the process for the first time in their life or they have been through it before. Those who are getting divorced for a second (or even third) time may have certain advantages, such as familiarity with how various facets of the divorce process are handled. At the same time, they may have additional stressors, whether they feel a sense of failure (even if such feelings are unwarranted) or they have anxiety due to a very difficult experience during their last divorce. 

If you are getting divorced for the second time, it is important to recognize that this divorce will be different from your last one for a number of reasons. From property division to employment details, there are many aspects of one’s life that can change from one marriage to the next and every divorce should be tackled from an individualized point of view. You may be able to apply some of what you have learned during your last divorce this time around, but you should not expect everything to be the same. 

If you are feeling anxious about getting a divorce again, try to set these feelings aside and channel your energy toward the pursuit of a favorable outcome. Do not worry about what your family members may think or whether you should avoid the divorce process because you feel like this marriage has to work out. Instead, do what is best for yourself and, if you have children, your kids. We provide more divorce-related legal content on our blog.