Parents who become involved in a dispute over the custody of their children may have many hardships as they attempt to navigate the legal system and work for an end result that is in their child’s best interests. These disputes can be very time-consuming, and they can disrupt multiple aspects of a parent’s life, from their job to their ability to participate in various activities and hobbies. However, the emotional impact of a custody dispute cannot be overstated, and some parents may develop depression as a result of what they are struggling with. 

Unfortunately, depression can get in the way of a parent’s life and may even hurt their chances of achieving the best outcome in court. There are a lot of legal factors that will need to be considered when it comes to custody disputes, and many different topics that will have to be addressed in detail. Depression can disrupt many parts of a parent’s life, whether it has a negative impact on their job and finances or their ability to support their child emotionally during such a chaotic period. 

It is understandable for parents to feel down and struggle with other negative feelings such as anger or anxiety during these disputes, so you should not feel guilty for having negative emotions. However, you should try your best to set these feelings aside and focus on the case. It is up to you to protect your child’s future and strive for an outcome that will not only allow you to maintain your relationship but protect their emotional well-being as well.